Directory of Activist Organizations


The following List is not comprehensive.

In the Future, more will be added... and some may be deleted.

It is the purpose of SEU to list only those Organizations that are Responsibly using the Funds they are Soliciting. At this time, SEU cannot personally check every Organization out there. Therefore, for many listings, we rely on references from Organizations of "known" Integrity to establish our initial lists.

This is a "Working Page"... Many Organizations still do not have their Address and/or Web Site listed.


Civil Rights
Animal Rights
Economic & Social Justice
Peace & International Freedom
Education & Freedom of Experience





Civil Rights


Common Cause
1250 Connecticut Avenue  NW
Washington,  D.C.  20036
Web Site:

Common Cause is a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen's lobbying organization promoting open, honest and accountable government. Supported by the dues and contributions of over 250,000 members in every state across the nation, Common Cause represents the unified voice of the people against corruption in government and big money special interests.

Public Citizen
P.O. Box 98184
Washington, D.C.  20090-8184
Web Site:

A politically involved Organization founded by Ralph Nader. Public Citizen is mainly concerned with Government and Corporate Responsibility. One of their main concerns at this time is Campaign Finance Reform.

Disability Rights Advocates
Web Site:

Works to ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities through education and legal advocacy.

Drug Policy Foundation
Web Site:

Advocates for alternatives to America's failed war on drugs through research, education and grants.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Web Site:

Represents a network of more than 2,000 programs serving battered women and their children.

National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
1436 U Street, NW Suite 104
Washington, DC  20009
Web Site:

Leads the movement to end the death penalty by raising public awareness and organizing grassroots opposition across the country.

Center for Constitutional Rights
666 Broadway 7th floor
New York, NY  10012
Web Site:

The Center for Constitutional Rights is dedicated to advancing and protecting the rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Founded in 1966 by attorneys who represented civil rights movements in the South, CCR is a non-profit legal and educational organization committed to the creative use of law as a positive force for social change.



Animal Rights


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
P.O. Box 42516
Washington, DC 20015
Web Site:

One of the finest and most established Animal Rights groups in the world today...who have been a tremendous influence in the war against cruelty and abuse to animals...and have done much to help educate the public.

World Wildlife Fund
1250 Twenty-Fourth Street, NW
Washington, D.C.  20037
Web Site:

Known worldwide by its panda logo, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is dedicated to protecting the world's wildlife and wildlands. The largest privately supported international conservation organization in the world, WWF has more than 1 million members in the U.S. alone. Since its inception in 1961, WWF has invested in over 13,100 projects in 157 countries.

Jane Goodall Institute
Web Site:

Promotes activities that ensure the well-being of chimpanzees, other primates and animal welfare in general.

Mercy For Animals
3712 N. Broadway, Ste. 560
Chicago, IL  60613
Phone: 1-800-632-6446
eMail:  Info@MercyForAnimals.Org


Guide to Letter Writing




Natural Resources Defense Council
40 West 20th Street
New York, NY 10011 USA
Web Site:

NRDC is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s natural resources and ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all people. With 400,000 members and a staff of lawyers, scientists, and other environmental specialists, NRDC combines the power of law, the power of science, and the power of people in defense of the environment. Quarterly Publication: The Amicus Journal.

The World Resources Institute
1735 New York Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20006 USA
Web Site:

An Independent, International, Not for Profit Organization that focuses on Resource, Environment and Development issues. An important force in the effort to save our Tropical Forests. Supported by many other Environmental Groups and Organizations. A good material and information source.

The Trust for Public Land
116 New Montgomery Street,  4th Floor
San Francisco, California  94105-9719
Web Site:

Founded in 1972, the Trust for Public Land is the only national nonprofit working exclusively to protect land for human enjoyment and well-being. TPL helps conserve land for recreation and spiritual nourishment and to improve the health and quality of life of American communities.

The National Arbor Day Foundation
100 Arbor Avenue
Nebraska City, Nebraska  68410
Web Site: 

Their Mission is to help people plant and care for trees and encourage the celebration of Arbor Day to advance Global Environmental Stewardship for the benefit of this and future generations.

P.O. Box 3720
Washington, DC 20007 USA
Web Site:

A very active International Organization concerned with all "Rights" Issues...but mainly concentrating their efforts on Animal & Environmental Rights. Believes that firm resolve and personal intervention are very important in stopping the many crimes against Nature, Animals and People.

Earth Day Network
Web Site:

Earth Day Network is the nonprofit coordinating body of worldwide Earth Day activities. Their goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, just, sustainable world by spreading environmental awareness through educational materials and publications, and by organizing events, activities, and annual campaigns. Their network includes more than 5,000 organizations in 184 countries

Envirolink Network
Web Site:

Network for change is currently developing this website in partnership with the EnviroLink Network and The Animal Concerns Community as a comprehensive resource for individuals, organizations and businesses working for social and environmental change

Children's Environmental Health Network
Web Site:

Safeguards children from toxic chemicals in food, air and water.

Grassroots Recycling Network
Web Site:

Works to hold corporations accountable from the waste their products create and advocates for public policies that lead to recycling and reduction of packaging.

Indigenous Environmental network
Web Site:

Association of grass roots activists from indigenous tribes works for the protection of Mother Earth through traditional and natural methods. Protects the earth from contamination by maintaining the teachings and laws of indigenous peoples.

International Rivers Network
Web Site:

Organization working to preserve and restore the world's rivers. With campaigns, programs, research, publications and links to related resources. Works to stop environmental and human rights abuses caused by dams and other river intervention projects.

Native Forest Council
Web Site:

The Native Forest Council is the uncompromising leader in national forest and watershed protection. With over 95% of our nation's forests already cut. Protects all remaining public native forests and the ecological and economic benefits these forests provide.

Organic Farming Research Foundation
Web Site:

Sponsors research relating to organic farming practices and educates the public and policy makers about issues. Learn about grants and events. Advocates for strong organic standards and sponsors research that fosters the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming practices.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
Web Site:

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) is a private, non-profit organization that protects government employees who protect our environment. Protects public employees who work as anonymous activists for the environment and provides legal assistance to whistleblowers.

Rural Advancement Foundation International
Web Site:

Agricultural non-profit offers research, publications, and mailing lists on plant patents and genetic engineering issues. Promotes sustainable agriculture practices that strengthen family farms, protect biodiversity and conserve environmental resources.


Economic & Social Justice


Project Vote-Smart
One Common Ground
Philipsburg, Montana  59858-9767
Web Site:

Project Vote Smart researches 13,000 candidates from state legislature to President. They cover biographical data, voting records, campaign finances, the performance evaluations done by the 101 selfish interests that do them and we interview every candidate for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, all 50 gubernatorial seats and every state legislative seat in the country, through their National Political Awareness Test.

1601 N. Kent St  #1100
Arlington, Virginia  22209-2105
Web Site:

Non-partisan Organization for Responsible and Constructive Immigration.

Center for Community Change
Web Site:

The Center for Community Change is committed to reducing poverty and rebuilding low income communities. Helps low-income people build strong organizations, so they can improve their communities and press for policy reform.

Center for Third World Organization
Web Site:

The Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO, pronounced "C-2") is a racial justice organization dedicated to building a social justice movement led by people of color. Develops and implements multiracial organizing strategies for justice.

Children's Defense Fund
25 E Street  NW
Washington, DC  20001
Web Site:

The mission of the Children's Defense Fund is to Leave No Child Behind and to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start, and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities. Provides a strong, effective voice for all children of America who cannot vote, lobby or speak out for themselves.

First Nations Development Institute
Web Site:

Economic Empowerment For Indigenous Peoples. Mobilizes economic development on Native American reservations through grants, research and technical assistance.

National Coalition for the Homeless
Web Site:

The National Coalition for the Homeless is a national advocacy network of homeless persons, activists, service providers, and others committed to ending homelessness through public education, policy advocacy, grassroots organizing, and technical assistance. Provides affordable housing, employment opportunities, health care and other initiatives to prevent and end homelessness.

Public Campaign
Web Site

Public Campaign is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to sweeping reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of special interest money in America's elections and the influence of big contributors in American politics. Works to reduce the role of special-interest money in America's elections and the influence of big contributors on politics.

Sweatshop Watch
Address 310 Eighth Street Suite 309
Oakland, California  94607
Web Site:

Sweatshop Watch is a coalition of labor, community, civil rights, immigrant rights, women's, religious & student organizations, and individuals committed to eliminating sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry. Works to eliminate sweatshop conditions in the global garment industry.

United for a Fair Economy
Web Site:

United for a Fair Economy was founded as a “movement support” organization to provide media capacity, face-to-face economic literacy education, and training resources to organizations and individuals who work to address the widening income and asset gap in our country. Inspires action to close the widening gap between the rich and everyone else in the United States.

YouthBuild USA
Web Site:

YouthBuild is a comprehensive youth and community development program as well as an alternative school. YouthBuild, designed to run on a 12-month cycle, offers job training, education, counseling, and leadership development opportunities to unemployed and out-of-school young adults, ages 16-24, through the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing in their own communities.

Habitat for Humanity
121 Habitat Street
Americus, Georgia  31709
Web Site:

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit, nondenominational Christian housing organization. We welcome all people to join us as we build simple, decent, affordable,
houses in partnership with those in need of adequate shelter


Peace & International Freedom


Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM)
Web Site:

Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM) is an organization seeking to educate the general public regarding the medical usefulness of Marijuana, and to insure that seriously ill patients have access to a safe, natural supply of Marijuana to treat their individual medical conditions as prescribed or recommended by their physician, and to document the medical efficacy of Marijuana through scientific observations.

Amazon Conservation Team
Web Site:

The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) is dedicated to pioneering new conservative strategies by combining indigenous knowledge with Western science to understand , document and preserve the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon.

American Friends Service Committee
Web Site:

The American Friends Service Committee is a Quaker organization which includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace and humanitarian service. Its work is based on the belief in the worth of every person, and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice. Helps people around the world achieve peace and social and economic justice through nonviolent action.

Doctors of the World
Web Site:

Dedicated to improving the health and relieving the suffering of vulnerable populations in the United States and abroad. Committed to exposing and bearing witness to human rights violations where health is at stake. Committed to developing approaches to the delivery of medical care and public health that enhance respect for human dignity. Dedicated to fulfilling the ideals of medicine by encouraging health professionals to provide voluntary services to underserved populations.

International Development Exchange
827 Valencia Street, Suite 101
San Francisco, California  94110-1736
Web Site

International Development Exchange (IDEX) is a social change organization, challenging social and economic forces that marginalize people worldwide. Provides financial resources worldwide for community projects, education and international advocacy.


Education & Freedom of Experience


American Civil Liberties Union
Web Site:

Protects the basic civil liberties of all Americans and extends them to groups that have traditionally been denied them.

Center for Campus Organizing
Web Site:

Supports social justice activism and investigative journalism on campuses nationwide.

Educators for Social Responsibility
Web Site:

Works to make social responsibility a core practice in education through conflict resolution and democratic participation.

Independent Press Association
2390 Mission Street  #201
San Francisco, California  94110-1836
Web Site:

Promotes and supports independent publications committed to social justice and a free press.

National Coalition Against Censorship
Web Site:

Educates and advocates for freedom of expression and fights all forms of censorship.

National Public Radio
Web Site:

Supports high-quality news and public affairs programming.

Rethinking Schools
Web Site:

Advocates reforming America's public schools to promote social justice and quality education for all children.




Co-Op America
1612 K Street NW
Suite 600
Washington DC  20006
Web Site:




Common Dreams News Center
Web Site:

Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community.

Vegetarian Times
P.O. Box 570, Oak Park, IL 60303
Web Site:

Not only a great publication for individuals interested in the vegetarian way of life...but also a rich source of nutritional & health information relating to diet in general. Informative articles and delicious recipes.

The Mail Order Catalog
P.O. Box 180, Summertown, Tennessee  38483
Web Site:

Vegetarian Food, Cookbooks and Health Titles. Great Source for TVP.
The Mail Order Catalog is Published by The Farm (A fascinating story in itself). It is also Free.

Grist Magazine
Web Site:

Self described as a "Beacon in the smog", The Daily Grist is an E-Mail Pub published by Grist Magazine... which is a Project of Earth Day Network Highly Recommended.



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