Friends are Individuals who support you in your endeavors...

Sometimes they understand what you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes they haven't a clue as to what you are doing..  but have a gut feeling that you are doing something worthwhile.

For whatever their reasons though, they give you their support... in their own way.

Some Friends just pass through your space, smile an occasional knowing smile, and send you a few good Vibes as they leave on their way to their next adventure.

Some Friends take the time to leave a trace of themselves by sending you a few words of encouragement or constructive criticism. They too are just passing through... but, they want you to know they were there... and enjoyed the experience and appreciate your efforts.

Some Friends decide to pause for a while and make contact with other Friends who have also stopped to play and chat for a while.

Some Friends actively use the Services you are providing... making New Friends by responding to Personal Ads and sometimes placing an Ad of their own. They see The SEU Web Site as a growing community they would like to be a part of in some way.

Some Friends not only get involved and appreciate the Services that are offered... but want to get more involved in the development of the Web Site and growth of The SEU Society. They want to associate with SEU in a sincere and mutual effort to accomplish shared goals.

Some Friends don't wish to become directly involved with all the Fun and Work... but support the endeavor with Monetary Contributions or Patronage of our Affiliate Sponsors.

Some Friends actively Promote SEU by passing along the word to others on other Web Sites... and even sometimes asking others to do the same.

Some Friends will Join SEU and become part of a Society that is trying to break down the walls that divide us between ourselves and within ourselves.

And some Friends are an odd mixture of some or all of the above.

So... whether you are a Friend we will never know... a Friend we will know briefly... a Friend who will make Friends through the SEU Web Site... or a Friend who will become part of The SEU Society... whether as an SEU Member or not...

We just want to take this opportunity to say...