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"Help Us Grow" SEU !!!

We Help YOU

You Help Us


Contribute Your SELF Expressions

If you are an Artist or Creative Individual... share some of Your SELF Expressions with Others. 

One way is through The Quarterly ePub "SELF Expressions". We are always looking for Original and Expressive Art, Photography, Drawings, Poetry, Prose, Lyrics, Articles... just about anything we can Publish Online. 

You do not have to be a Member of SEU to Contribute to SELF Expressions... but, of course, it would be great if you were.  :)


Best of Life, Love and Friendship,

Lonnie Jay
SEU Director


The Society of SELF Expressions Unlimited is about Helping Each Other.

Together, we can Improve our Own Lives and the Lives of Others.
Together, we can Better Understand our Past, Present, and Future.
Together, we can Help Overcome Limiting Political and Economic Forces.

Together, we can Have a Lot More Fun...  :)