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"Help Us Grow" SEU !!!

We Help YOU

You Help Us


Help Others Essentially Grow

It's Been a Long Hard Road... But You Have Learned Much... and You Have a Lot to Teach. You Didn't Make It Alone... and There Were Forces Throughout Your Life that You Know "Made The Difference" in Your Journey.

We Cannot Help Those Who Won't Help Themselves. But for Those Who Have Made the "Choice" to Face Their "Fear and Ignorance"... and Grow and Actualize Their Essential SELF... to Whatever Extent They Dare... We Need to Be There for Them... as So Many Were "There for Us".

The SEU Society if for Individuals Who Wish to Grow and Actualize Their Essential SELF... and for Evolved Individuals Who Wish to Help Others in Their Quest and Journey. As Formal SEU Members and Friends of SEU Members... You Can Be a Part of That Journey... and Make an Essential Difference in The Life of a Kindred Spirit... and The Lives of Fellow Earthlings in General.

At This Time... a Formal Method of "Connection and Interacting" in Terms of Friendship Counseling has Not Been Established. Hopefully, We Can get a Message Board Up within the Near Future. As SEU Grows... Our Services Grow. Hope You Can Help Us Out with These Challenges and Endeavers.

Until Then... Be a Friend to a Friend!   :)

Best of Life, Love and Friendship,

Lonnie Jay
SEU Director



The Society of SELF Expressions Unlimited is about Helping Each Other.

Together, we can Improve our Own Lives and the Lives of Others.
Together, we can Better Understand our Past, Present, and Future.
Together, we can Help Overcome Limiting Political and Economic Forces.

Together, we can Have a Lot More Fun...  :)