Axioms of Existence



Philosophers for Thousands of Years have tried to prove the existence of Self... or of "I". No one has succeeded. The best anyone could come up with is "I am because I think I am". Because you are "aware" of Your Self... it implies that you exist. Unfortunately, it cannot be used as empirical "Proof".

So... What has that got to do with "YOU"???

Well... a lot!

Why... because the idea that there is NO Universal Reality, for the first time in human history, is becoming increasingly prominent in our Social Consciousness. Never before was it ever considered  by any major Society that there was "not" a Universal Reality... just because it could not be proven that there "was".

So, why is this such an important issue now?

To cut to the chase... Einstein's General Theory of Relativity ushered in a new way of thinking about our Universe. He showed us that our previous notions of Time,  Space, Mass and Energy were inadequate. His theories were so profound that they extended into the "Social" realm of understanding. "Relativity" indeed became  more of a concept to explain "Social" dynamics rather than "Physical Science"... at least from the general public's point of view.

Then came "Quantum Mechanics"...  not only showing us that our notions of Time, Space, Mass and Energy were further inadequate... but, in some instances, completely wrong. At the subatomic level, some of the previously established "Laws of Physics" simply don't apply. Furthermore, it seems that the "Intent" of the observer effects the behavior of subatomic particles.

For some influential Thinkers, even some Pure Physicists, the implications of Quantum Physics indicates that "We can create our own Reality"... That "Reality" is a consequence of Human Will... That "Universal Reality" is not Eternal and Infinite... but subject to Human Intent and Manipulation.           

While that sounds more like Sci-Fi to the great majority of us... it is important that we take the potential of these ideas to effect Social Consciousness and consequently Social Systems very seriously. Not because of the danger of various unscrupulous people and groups to capitalize on the notions... but because the "notions" to some extent are true. Because, at this point in history, we don't know how to integrate those Truths adequately into our understanding of Universal Reality. Our Paradigm, or "Cognitive Model" (from lack of a better word) is not "Realistic" enough to harmoniously  integrate the New Truths that we are discovering into our Model of Universal Reality... because our current Understanding of Universal Reality is far too Inadequate... too Limiting. Thus, we perceive "contradictions" where there really are none.

One of the great things about The Scientific Method is that it forces us to confront various "facts" about our Existence that we would otherwise not even consider. When theories are "proven" through physical application... they can no longer be denied. The Atomic Bomb confirmed Einstein's Theory of Energy... thus turning the Science of Physics upside down. If not for "Irrefutable Proof", the Social and Political forces of the day would have remained intact. Fear, Ignorance, and Inertia would have maintained its grip... and Scientific "Knowledge" would have never progressed to the level it is today.

Philosophical Systems, such as Religion and Ethics, do not have that luxury. They do not directly deal with the "Physical". They are concerned more with abstract Notions like Love and Truth and Meaning. Notions that can be "Believed" in... but not "Proven"... in an empirical sense. 

Thus, for Philosophical Disciplines, the grip of Fear, Ignorance, and Inertia is more Tenacious. Logic, one of the foundations of Philosophy, does not "have" to be dealt with because it does not have a "physical application" that, at our present level of comprehension, would be taken as absolute proof. Life's Great Illusions remain our "Reality"... and Love's Great Mysteries remain our "Illusions".

The Society of Self Expressions Unlimited are Individuals who "Believe" that there is a Universal Reality... and that Universal Reality is Eternal and Infinite. Who "Know" that for Humanity to Grow into the Essence of Universal Reality... it must ensure continuation of itself and Evolve in the direction of Universal Reality.

Thus, the Philosophical Foundation of the Society of Self Expressions Unlimited is summed up as The "Axioms of Existence"


Axioms of Existence


Life Seeks SELF Preservation



The Organizational Purpose of SEU is to provide a  means for Individuals (both Members and NonMembers of the Society) to discuss and share their ideas and feelings about all aspects of our Existence... and to be able to meet and share experiences with interesting and interested others.

The Social Objective is to come to a better Understanding of the essence of UNIVERSAL REALITY... Especially "LOVE & TRUTH"... and to have loads of Fun along the way!       


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