Life's Great Illusion


It has been said that "Life is an Illusion"...

That may or may not be so.

But one thing is for sure... our "Perceptions" of Life are Illusions.

They are Great Illusions...

There's nothing metaphysical about it. It's just basic biological science. There's really no debate on the subject. Our "Senses" (Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, etc) respond to "Real" stimuli from the "External" Environment... and our Brain then uses that "data" to create illusions that we can deal with.

For example, you are reading these words on your computer screen at this moment. Your brain has created the illusion that you are seeing the words "out there"... but, actually, everything you are "seeing" is happening inside your brain. You cannot directly "see" anything external to your self. Even the "Color" is an illusion created by the brain. In reality, there is only different frequencies of light energy. Color is not "Real". Yet the illusion "seems" so real that is almost impossible to deny.

The same is true for all the rest of our Senses... Sound is solely a mental recording and interpretation of the movement of molecules in the air, picked up by the ear drum. Smell and Taste is a physical response to various molecules interacting with receptor cells in the nose and tongue. And as everyone knows, Taste is very much effected by the sense of Smell. Two separate illusions perceived as one.

And the same logic holds true for the Illusions of Touch and Temperature... "Cold" and "Hot"... "Wet" and "Dry"... "Rough" and "Smooth". All illusions to make our experience of "Reality" more rich and meaningful. But, non-the-less, they are still only Illusions.

But what about Consciousness, Emotion, and Thought...

Are they "Illusions" too???

The answer, though not as cut and dry as the senses, is the same. Yes, they are... because they are all creations of the human mind.

Outside of Our Bodies, they do not exist, they are not real.

But are the Illusions of Consciousness, Emotion, and Thought (to name a few), like the Senses, responses to something that is Real? If so, what could that or those "somethings" be? Or could it be that the mind is simply using Sensory Illusions to create the Illusions of Self and all the "Awareness" that goes with it??? Perhaps Illusions are recursive?

No one knows. We may never know. Indeed, perhaps we do not and/or cannot "know" anything. Then again, perhaps we can...

Our "Experience" of UNIVERSAL REALITY is an Illusion.

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