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In 1973, SELF Expressions Unlimited began... then only a concept in my Mind and a feeling in my Soul...

It was something I wanted to share with others... especially those close to me... and in some way with everyone. It was an understanding of the basic need for people to "BE"... to express their being... to share their being with others... to know and be known... to extend one's SELF into the tangible world of "Reality".

It was a recognition of the "Creative Energy" in all of us... the tremendous amount of Special Knowledge and Feeling... which goes untapped through time... very seldom expressed... very seldom appreciated.

It was an awareness of the need for people to have more control over their time and environment... to be more Financially Independent of the system... to be free of the necessity to conform without reason... to survive Naturally.

The Members of SELF Expressions Unlimited extend themselves to you. It is our sincere desire your SELF Expressions Unlimited Experience is an Exciting and Meaningful one.






Lonnie Jay
Founding Director

YOU Really Can Make a Difference!



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